The ONLY American Flag Displayed At Debate Promptly Removed

In case you were wondering if the Democratic Party had suddenly decided to actually stand for hardworking Americans, they haven’t.

Last night in Las Vegas, MSNBC hosted the Democratic debate just ahead of Saturday’s caucus voting and surprising there was a real American flag on the stage…But that didn’t last too long.

Democrats routinely get called out for their inability to place an honest to goodness real American flag on their Debate, or convention stages.

The Democrats usually use the excuse “We had an American Flag Graphic” then they post a screenshot believing that lame excuse has some validity to it.

Last night’s Democratic Debate was the raucous affair that was an absolute sh*tshow filled with arguing, name-calling, misinformation, communists, socialists and hate-America delusional Democrats hell-bent of fundamentally changing our way of life.

But you should have been surprised by all the hate-America spewing that took place because just before the candidates took to their respective podiums, a person came out and removed the ONLY American flag that was on the stage.

It’s actually quite fitting watching the Democrats remove the American flag from their debate stage.

After all, they have abandoned the American people to pander to illegal aliens with promises of everything ‘Free, NOT Free’ while kowtowing to the United Nations and the Global World Order.

Author: Tusker Daily

Source: Tusker Daily: The ONLY American Flag Displayed At Debate Promptly Removed

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