Air Force Vet Carrying Zip Ties In Capitol Wanted To Take Hostages

A retired US Air Force lieutenant colonel photographed carrying zip-tie handcuffs inside the Capitol during last week’s riot planned to take hostages, a federal prosecutor said Thursday.

In wielding the restraints, Larry Brock “means to take hostages. He means to kidnap, restrain, perhaps try, perhaps execute members of the U.S. government,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Weimer.

Weimer, who at Thursday’s hearing argued Brock should be detained, did not elaborate on his allegations.

The prosecutor read a social media post from Brock the day of the siege, in which he says, “Patriots on the Capitol. Patriots storming. Men with guns need to shoot their way in.”

Brock — a 53-year-old father of three — was arrested Sunday. He’s been charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

He had previously told The New Yorker magazine that he found the zip-tie handcuffs on the floor and intended to turn them over to the police.

Brock’s lawyer, Brook Antonio II, asked an FBI agent testifying Thursday whether it was possible his client picked up the cuffs, like he said. The agent acknowledged the possibility.

“It’s all talk. It’s all speculation and conjecture,” Antonio said of the allegations against Brock.

A judge Thursday released Brock to home confinement. Under the conditions of his release, Brock was ordered to surrender any firearms and his internet access will be limited.

“I need to put you on a very short rope,” Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cureton said.

“These are strange times for our country and the concerns raised by the government do not fall on deaf ears.”

With Post wires

Author: Kenneth Garger

Source: NY Post: Air Force vet with zip ties in Capitol siege intended to take hostages: fed

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